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Chiropractor in Sunrise, FL

Sunrise Chiropractor Provides Holistic Care

At Westheimer Chiropractic, we foster a mindset that’s focused on the big picture of experiencing improved health and well-being without the use of drugs or surgery. We want to help you function better and maximize your body’s potential.

Discover Optimal Health at Westheimer Chiropractic

Did you know that, when your nervous system is functioning at its peak, you can experience better overall health? Sure, chiropractic is highly effective in relieving pain by getting the root cause of the problem, but the benefits are so much more. At Westheimer Chiropractic, not only can Dr. Robert Westheimer get you out of pain, but he can help get you on the path to optimal health. Incredibly, 60% of his patients are maintenance patients because they know how much better they feel and are with regular chiropractic care!

Chiropractor in Sunrise, FL

Get to Know Dr. Bob

Knowing that he wanted to work in the healthcare field from the time he was a teen, Dr. Bob began to research chiropractic after his mother received care. “The more I looked into it and researched it the more it fascinated me, and at the same time my mom was getting a lot of positive results.”

A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, he’s now been practicing for forty years. “I have the same passion, love and drive as I did on Day One.” For Dr. Bob, one of the biggest compliments he can receive from patients is that they think he’s only been in practice for a few years due to his infectious enthusiasm for chiropractic.

We’re 100% Focused on Your Needs and Wants

Perhaps you’ve been to different healthcare practitioners in the past but didn’t feel your needs were adequately addressed. Caring and compassionate, Dr. Bob will take the time to get to know you and find out what your goals are. He’ll then create a customized care plan for you that may include massage therapy, which we offer on-site. “When I meet with a patient they are the most important person to me.”

Helping Patients of All Ages

From caring for babies and kids to older adults and every age in between, Dr. Bob is passionate about delivering high-quality chiropractic care that promotes improved function and better health. “I have patients who have brought their children in for care so they wouldn’t have to suffer from the same issues as they did. Now they’re grown and married and bringing in their children for care.” Dr. Bob especially loves caring for kids as chiropractic can help them get off on the right foot in life. He particularly enjoys adjusting his grandchildren. His one young grandson says, “Papa, where’s the table?!”

If you’ve been searching for a Chiropractor in or near Sunrise, Plantation, Tamarac, Coral Springs and Sawgrass Mall area, contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Bob!

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