Meet Dr. Robert Westheimer

When he was a teen, Dr. Bob’s mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. As a last resort she tried going to a chiropractor. Because her hands were in pain, she asked that he drive her to the appointments.

“As a teen the last thing I wanted to do was drive my mom any place. I started doing my own research as I always wanted to do something in the health field. I thought I’d research chiropractic and prove that my mom was wasting her time so I wouldn’t have to keep taking her.” His mother, however, experienced great results and Dr. Bob became fascinated by chiropractic the more he delved into it.

Experiencing Chiropractic’s Benefits

Growing up, Dr. Bob also developed various facial tics—little habits that he never really knew much about. Later it was determined that he had a mild form of Tourette’s Syndrome. He started under chiropractic care as his chiropractor noticed the tics and said that chiropractic may be of some benefit. “It definitely was and I never had to take anything for it. I’ve been living with TS and practicing with it for forty years.” Dr. Bob has let parents who have kids with TS know that chiropractic may help their children too.

Chiropractic Education and Training

In addition to earning his Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Bob achieved certification in the Cox-Flexion Distraction Technique and the Koren Specific Technique. He also is trained in Gonstead.

Helping to Improve Patients’ Well-being

“I stress in my practice that regardless of somebody’s age there’s nothing that is out of reach in terms of living a happy productive life. Here, I’ve been able to create a real wellness type atmosphere and practice where people will initially be coming in with a problem then transition to wellness care.”

A Memorable Success Story

One of Dr. Bob’s patients was a little boy who was on heavy dosages of daily medications and booster shots twice a week. He was on that protocol for the first two years of his life and still was sick a minimum of every other week. The family started him under chiropractic care and within six months or so he was off the booster shots and within a year he was down to taking medication once a week.

Staying Active in Sunrise

When he’s not at Westheimer Chiropractic, Dr. Bob enjoys staying fit. He is still active in a men’s baseball league, he also likes to kayak, play racquetball and take bike rides. His wife is also into fitness and works for Zumba Fitness. The father of three adult children, Dr. Bob also loves spending time with his grandchildren. He is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Society.

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