Welcome to Westheimer Chiropractic! Our warm and friendly, never-stuffy practice is the ideal place to experience natural care and optimal health and wellness! Our gracious office manager Melody always makes every patient feel welcome when they walk through our door. She shares Dr. Bob’s passion for helping others without the use of drugs or surgery.

The First Visit

After you’ve completed some paperwork, you’ll start by meeting with Dr. Bob to have a consultation. He’ll review your case history and ask you what the main issues are for which you’re seeing him. He’ll also explain what we do, why we do and how we do it. You’ll know what you can expect from him and what he expects from you. “I tell patients that we’re a team.”

Next, he’ll perform a comprehensive exam and take X-rays if needed. The exam will show him what’s going on with your spine. If there are no contraindications, you’ll receive your initial chiropractic adjustment. Then you will be scheduled for your second appointment.

Please set aside 30 minutes to an hour for this visit.

The Second Visit

Upon your return, you and Dr. Bob will meet for a report of findings from your examination. He’ll let you know exactly what’s going on with your spine and what he feels is necessary to get things corrected and then ultimately maintained. A treatment plan customized for you will be recommended based on your needs. We always try to make care affordable and manageable for everybody. It’s our goal to provide care for all individuals who want it.

This appointment takes about 20 minutes.

Regular Visits

We know you’re busy; that’s why we pride ourselves on getting patients in and out of the office in about 20 minutes or less. Need to get adjusted during your lunch break? We can accommodate you. In fact, we prioritize patients who come in during their break so we can get them in and out and back to their workday.